What Are Some Reusable Everyday Items?


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Some reusable everyday items are Clementine orange crates, old t-shirts, coffee cans and bottle caps. You can use Clementine orange crates to make shelving for storage or displaying small items. Sew old t-shirts together to make a memory quilt, and paint old coffee cans and use them as gift boxes. Fasten bottle caps together with heavy string to create a wind chime.

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Use food that may not be edible to create compost that can fertilize a garden. Some examples of food items that you can turn into compost include potato peels, coffee grounds and expired bananas.

Another idea is to repurpose old luggage as chairs for children by opening them, adding cushion to both sides of the suitcase's interior and covering the cushions with furniture fabric. The next step is to attach metal or wood legs, and reinforce the back for stability.

It is easy to use an empty detergent bottle to make a scoop by cutting it diagonally across the center. The handle makes it easy to scoop up pet litter, fertilizer or anything else that a person may not want to handle. Clean spent candles and reuse them as storage containers, or add new wax to create new candles.

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