What Is the Result of a Tiger Vs. Crocodile Fight?

All About Wildlife reports that one fight between a tiger and a crocodile ended with the tiger as the victor, but the result could vary depending on a number of factors. Both creatures have interacted and competed for food and resources in the past, so fights between the two predators are not impossible.

A video from National Geographic proves that tigers and crocodiles compete for food if they are in the same location. When prey animals drink, crocodiles remain hidden underwater before biting the prey on the head or neck and then dragging it under.

While crocodiles have powerful jaws and a row of sharp teeth, PBS explains that crocodiles usually kill prey by drowning them. A crocodile is most dangerous while it is in the water, but on land, it is slow and less agile. This makes land fights between tigers and crocodiles an uneven match in the tiger's favor.

Tigers also have powerful jaws with large, sharp teeth, according to Tigers-World. They have long claws on their paws and strong leg muscles, making them a formidable land predator. Tigers often swim, but they are not as fast in the water as crocodiles. A fight in water could result in a crocodile victory, but crocodiles usually prefer to abandon their food when seriously threatened.