What Are Some Resources That Can Help Identify Rocks?


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Identify rocks based on their characteristics or mineral constituents using online tools available at Minerals.net and MinSoCam.org. Confirm findings by matching a rock specimen with photos of known specimens at these websites and at HiddeniteGems.com.

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MinSoCam.org features a tool called The Rock Key, which allows users to identify the main type and constituent of a rock. Answer a series of questions about the rock's characteristics, such as its crystal form, whether it has layers, its colors, whether it has bubbles and the minerals of which it is composed, to determine if it is an igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic rock, as well as to help identify its main constituent, such as pumice, basalt or conglomerate.

Minerals.net features a tool allowing users to identify rocks by first identifying the minerals observed in rocks. To use this tool specify characteristics such as the chemical group, color, crystal group, color streaks, and relative hardness on a scale of one to 10. This narrows down the list of possible minerals, making it possible to compare photos of each mineral remaining on the list to find a match with the specific rock specimen. This information also provides details about a mineral, including the rock type in which the mineral is typically found.

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