How Do You Research Medical Information Online?

Research medical information online by visiting the websites of the U.S. National Library of Medicine's MedlinePlus center, Mayo Clinic and bioethics centers. These websites have search engines for locating particular topics and libraries for browsing. The Mayo Clinic also has special sections for medical professionals and patients.

The MedlinePlus online library has category tabs titled Health Topics, Drugs & Supplements, and Videos and Tools. Health Topics divides into subcategories such as Body Location/Systems, Disorders and Conditions, Diagnosis and Therapy, and Demographic Groups. Click on the topics in each category to view articles or summaries, as you can with the Drugs & Supplements category. The Videos and Tools category includes health videos, surgery videos and games.

The Mayo Clinic has libraries of diseases and conditions, tests and procedures, and drugs and supplements under the Patient Care & Health Info drop-down menu on its home page. Topics include first aid, symptom checking and hundreds of other entries. There is also a section detailing the clinic's research projects.

Some websites also provide multi-disciplinary research on the relationship between medical issues and other topics, such as ethics. For example, the National Catholic Bioethics Center provides online publications and articles on topics of bioethics, including end of life care, organ donations and cloning.