How Do You Repair Hail Damage?


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To repair hail damage to a car, use a combination of the sun, a hair dryer and dry ice, or try a car dent repair kit. If neither options work, take the vehicle to a professional for dent removal.

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The simplest method for repairing minor hail damage is to use the sun and a hair dryer to apply heat to the dented area. The application of heat allows the metal to expand, and the dent pops out. When using a hair dryer, make sure to heat the area for only two minutes at a time until the damage corrects itself, and to keep a distance between the dryer and the painted surface. For more stubborn dents, heat the area as usual and then apply dry ice; the drastic shift from hot to cold may cause enough of a reaction to cause the metal to pop out.

Dent repair kits work well for small dents caused by hail damage. They can be purchased at automotive parts stores and include several options for different sized dents. However, these kits are not recommended for major hail damage.

Any major hail damage calls for a trip to a professional mechanic who specializes in body work. They remove the dent and fix any damage left behind. This might involve touching up the paint in several areas or obtaining an entire new paint job.

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