How Do You Remove Security Ink Tags With Magnets?

Magnetic based security ink tags can be removed by using a special device called a magnetic detacher, which disengages the locking mechanism that fastens the item to the tag. This tool safely releases the security pin without spilling ink onto the merchandise.

In the clothing retailer industry, the use of ink tags is a popular anti-theft measure that deters would-be shoplifters. These security features are generally categorized into two types: magnetic based and non-magnetic based.

A magnetic-based ink tag is composed of a notched pin that firmly attaches the tag to the item through a three-ball clutch mechanism. The pin is secured by ball bearings and metallic fillers that are held in place by a spring. When a magnetic detacher is placed beside the ink tag, the magnet exerts enough force to lower the tension on the pin, which releases locking mechanism and removes the security tag from the item.