How Do You Relieve Sore Muscles?


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The best way to immediately experience relief from sore and aching muscles is by applying indirect ice to the affected areas, according to WebMD. Couple the ice with acetaminophen or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce inflammation and pain.

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If the muscles are still sore after icing the area for a few days, switch over to heat. Cold packs help to reduce the initial swelling that occurs as the body's response to protect the injured area. After the initial swelling goes down, a heat pack can restore the circulation to the area, which helps the muscle return to its normal movement.

Along with heat, ice and pain relievers, a few unconventional methods may help treat sore muscles. Just one glass of cherry juice is loaded with antioxidants that provides a wealth of benefits, including reduced muscle soreness. Epsom salt is also considered a natural muscle relaxant. A few spoonfuls to a warm bath can help relax tense muscles and relieve soreness. Also, a study at the University of Georgia shows that ingesting 2 cups of coffee or an equivalent amount of caffeine after a strenuous workout can help block the production of adenosine, which is a major culprit in muscle soreness.

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