What Is a Reliable Weather Almanac?


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There are no reliable almanacs for weather forecasting. Predicting the weather is a very difficult task and it gets even more complicated for long-term predictions which are essentially what almanacs do.

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What Is a Reliable Weather Almanac?
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The Old Farmer's Almanac (since 1792) and the Farmer's Almanac (since 1818) are two popular almanacs published in the U.S. Data from the past years have shown that those documents are not that accurate in predicting weather conditions. There is a veil of secrecy which surrounds the way those predictions are made and scientists agree that the data published must be treated with caution. Almanacs use climate history as part of their prediction efforts, and this is something which anyone could do. But the weather has shown itself to be a very unstable beast. Almanacs may work in some instances, but they will never be a reliable prediction platform and must be treated as such.

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