How Do You Reduce the Amount of Residential Trash You Produce?

reduce-amount-residential-trash-produce Credit: Tracy Morgan/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

To reduce the amount of residential trash you produce, reduce the use of paper towels, create a compost bin, reuse packaging material, buy recycled materials, and indulge in freecycling. Also, cut down on giving excessively wrapped gifts during special occasions.

Instead of paper towels, use cloth hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen. Use old clothes such as t-shirts and socks as rags for cleaning purposes. Use the paper towels only in case of an emergency.

Use the compost bin to compost yard waste. Create a simple bin using wire and four pallets. Store the waste to be composted in a freezer till an adequate amount collects, and then put it in the bin. If you live in an apartment, keep the bin indoors.

Additionally, avoid buying goods that are packaged excessively, particularly in plastic. Use old plastic tubs and bags to pack food materials. Also, compost used paper bags.

Buy recycled goods such as appliances, clothes and furniture from thrift shops instead of purchasing new ones. In addition, give away the household goods you do not want to such stores so that they may be recycled instead of disposed of along with other garbage. Alternatively, "freecycle" the goods by selling the items to people who need them.

Instead of giving wrapped gift items that the receiver may not need, consider gifting certificates for memberships and classes. Alternatively, gift hand-made food or clothing items. Use gift bags several times before discarding.