What Are Some Recycling Centers That Accept Electronics?

What Are Some Recycling Centers That Accept Electronics?

Many local and municipal dumps and recycling centers offer electronic waste (sometimes called e-waste) recycling, sometimes as part of their regular service and sometimes for a fee. In addition, manufacturers and retailers of electronics such as Best Buy also offer e-waste recycling programs.

Broken or obsolete electronics can be especially hard to dispose of, largely because they contain heavy metals and other materials that can leak into the ground and water. In many states it is actually illegal to throw such items in the trash. E-waste recycling programs are more common is such states. Items eligible for such programs include computers, cellular phones and batteries, especially rechargeable ones.

In addition to local recycling centers, both public and private, many retailers also have recycling programs. Best Buy, for example, accepts televisions, computers, cellular phones and many other kinds of e-waste. Staples also offers a similar program.

Many electronics manufacturers also accept used versions of their products, including Apple, LG, Samsung and Sony. Some of these companies require the items to be working, and others charge fees. If the unwanted electronic item is still working, another option is to donate it to a charity that refurbishes such items for the less fortunate.

The website Call2Recycle.org offers a tool to find local recycling locations.