How Do You Recycle Water?

How Do You Recycle Water?

How Do You Recycle Water?

There are a couple of things you can do to recycle the water you use in your home. By recycling water or cutting back on its use, you can help conserve.

  1. Use a shower bucket

    When you turn on the water to take a shower, it takes a minute or two before the water reaches a warm temperature. Instead of leaving all of that cooler water to run down the drain, try placing a bucket under the faucet to collect it. Use it later in your garden or for your house plants.

  2. Save pasta water

    Much like recycling your shower water, using the water runoff from pasta is another great way to conserve. When your pasta is done cooking, instead of leaving it to drain in the sink, place the colander over another pot, collecting both water runoff and the water used to cook the noodles. Once it has cooled, you can use it for cooking other things or watering plants.

  3. Reuse drinking water on plants

    If a glass or bottle of water has been left out too long to drink yourself, pour it over your house or garden plants. You can also pour any leftover unsweetened tea on plants.