How Do You Recycle Waste Paper?


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Waste paper is recycled by collection, transportation and storage. Paper recycling is a large, complex task that requires time and a good deal of capital. Paper recycling plants often deal with a mixture of other solid wastes as well.

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First, the paper is collected from its dumping site and put together for transportation. The collection process is often tedious because the paper sometimes contains a mixture of other materials, like food, metals and other chemical wastes. If some of the collected paper is too contaminated for recycling, it is sent back to the landfill.

After collecting the paper, the paper is sent to the recycling center. At the center, the paper is packed, graded according to type and sent to the paper mill for processing. At the screening chamber, the paper is chopped into tiny pieces and then mixed with water and other chemicals. In the next chamber, the paper is washed to remove ink and other chemicals. This last process is called flotation.

After the paper has been separated from ink and other residue, it is then passed on to the next chamber, which refines and beats the pulp to ensure it is ready for paper making. When the paste is prepared, the recycling center adds water to it and spreads the paste onto a large surface. After a couple of hours, the water is drained out, and then the paper is ready for extraction. The recycling plant then cuts the recycled paper into definite shapes for later sale or use.

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