How Do You Recycle Waste Oil?


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To recycle waste oil, put the oil in a leak-proof, well-sealed container that you don't mind losing. Next, transport the oil and any additional items, such as filters, to a designated reception center. For example, most automotive service centers accept waste oil; you can call beforehand to make sure.

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When initially servicing the motor oil in the vehicle, it is important to drain both the pan and the filter thoroughly before discarding the waste. In particular, the filter should be drained for at least 24 hours, as it can hold up to an entire quart independently of the pan. After transferring the oil to the aforementioned container, store the filter in a similar vessel or in a durable plastic bag.

To find local businesses involved in waste oil disposal, consider consulting one of the comprehensive online databases. For instance, California residents can access the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) tool, a site that allows users to seek disposal sites nearest them by entering location fields. If opting for a municipally run facility or service, it is best to contact the local sanitation department, as waste oil disposal is often handled at specified times of the year, either for drop-off or pick-up at the actual residence.

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