How Do You Recycle Plastic Pails?


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Recycle plastic pails by reusing them for other things, sorting them into appropriate piles and dropping them off at a recycling vendor. The timing of this process varies depending on the amount of recycling you have to do and how you plan on recycling the items.

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How Do You Recycle Plastic Pails?
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  1. Reuse the pails if possible

    Before tossing your pails into the nearest recycling bin, reuse as many as possible. For instance, use the pails as mobile gardening units or as storage containers.

  2. Sort the plastic

    For those pails that you cannot reuse, start the recycling process. First sort the plastics into the correct piles. Rigid plastics need to be grouped together for most efficient recycle. Rigid plastic items are generally made up of inflexible plastic and include pails, bottles, milk jugs, yogurt and hummus containers, clamshell and blister-pak packaging material, plastic appliances, mixing bowls, flower pots, toys, buckets, crates, caps and lids. Items that are not considered rigid plastic and need to be recycled separately include plastic bags, wrappers, garden hoses, cosmetic and toothpaste tubes, lighters, foam items, pens and cassette tapes.

  3. Send the plastic to a recycling plant

    Place recyclable materials in the provided bins or drive the items down to the nearest vendor specializing in rigid plastic recycling.

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