How Do You Recycle Old Catalytic Converters?


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Auto recyclers, certain auto part stores and many dedicated recycling centers provide catalytic converter recycling services. Catalytic converters contain platinum and other precious metals, and many recycling services provide financial compensation for old converters. Catalytic converters also contain a number of substances that may pose a threat to the natural environment if not recycled and disposed of properly.

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Catalytic converts typically last as long as the vehicle, although mechanical issues and damage may result in premature failure. The easiest way to recycle an old catalytic converter is to take the entire vehicle to an automotive recycling facility. Most salvage and scrap metal yards have the resources needed to handle recycling and disposal of old catalytic converters. Another option is to deliver a converter to a recycling center. Attempting to remove the precious metals from an old converter can be a complicated and dangerous process best left to professionals.

Many companies that offer catalytic converter recycling pay for old converters. Shipping a converter to a recycling facility through the mail is another option for those who are unable to find a local recycling center. Recycling converters alleviates the demand to mine new sources of platinum ore and other precious metals, such as copper and nickel, as well as other recyclable metals.

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