How Do You Recycle Corrugated Boxes?


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A majority of corrugated cardboard can be recycled by taking it to any local collection center, or by placing it in the recycling bin to be collected. However, cardboard that has been in contact with food, grease or any other product that would contaminate the cardboard cannot be recycled.

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Corrugated cardboard is one of the most frequently recycled types of material, as it is the primary material in most of the shipping boxes and containers that people use on an everyday basis. By compacting unsullied cardboard and allowing it to be collected, or by taking it to a recycling center on their own, people who recycle cut down the solid waste that is sitting in landfills and allow recycling centers to reuse up to 77 percent of the old cardboard material to create new boxes for consumption.

If a piece of corrugated cardboard is still in a usable form, reusing it for a purpose other than its original one is another good way to recycle without physically altering the cardboard. Boxes can be used to store old items, as methods of transport, for mailing items or for kid's projects. By reusing the boxes before physically recycling them into something new, people can further cut down the amount of waste as well as the number of resources that are used in the recycling process.

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