How Do You Recycle Bronze?

To recycle bronze, take bronze scrap metal to your local recycling center, where technicians can melt it in a smelter for reuse. Bronze can be recycled perpetually with no adverse effects on its composition. Bronze is a copper alloy and is widely recycled to produce secondary copper. Scrap bronze is collected from post-consumer waste, such as construction materials, demolition waste, end-of-life vehicles and electronic equipment. It is also collected from processing residues, such as drosses, fines and slag.

Many recycling centers offer money in exchange for scrap bronze, which is priced by the pound. It is a good idea to clean your scrap metal items with metal polish before you visit a local recycling center, as clean pieces are more valuable. Bronze is a non-ferrous metal that does not contain iron, which increases its value. Scrap metal recycling keeps the amount of landfill garbage down and conserves resources.

Bronze is an alloy that consists of copper, tin and other metals that may include manganese, nickel, aluminum and zinc. It may also contain metalloids or non-metals such as phosphorus, silicon and arsenic. It has a lower melting point than iron or steel. Common products that contain recycled bronze include electrical connectors, springs, bearings, guitar and piano strings, and tools. Copper alloys have useful properties, such as machinability, ductility and stiffness.