What Are Some Recyclable Products?


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Books, ink cartridges and CDs are all examples of recyclable products. Recycling common products such as cardboard, batteries and aluminum cans can save landfill space and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling electronic products such as batteries, old televisions and mobile devices can ensure that toxic and potentially harmful materials used in their construction do not pose a risk to the natural environment.

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Common household products such as junk mail, glass bottles and newspapers should be placed in curb-side recycling bin. Take other products, such as CFL bulbs, household batteries and old electronic devices, to a designated recycling center. Selling recyclable products such as scrap metal and certain electronic devices to a recycling center may produce a profit. Recycling glass products saves a significant quantity of energy used in the manufacturing process.

Most products made from aluminum are recyclable. It's important to clean foil and other containers that may have food particles attached prior to recycling. Steel cans are one of the most recycled products in North America. Plastic bottles are another example of recyclable products. There are many environmental benefits to recycling plastic products since this material does not break down naturally and can pose a serious threat to waterways and marine ecosystems when disposed of in an improper manner.

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