What Are Some Recreational Activities in the Tundra?

Recreational activities in the tundra include river floating or boating, climbing and hiking, horseback riding, biking, hunting, camping and observing the wildlife. Tundra regions are characterized by treeless plains covered mostly with permafrost and some shrubs, moss and lichen.

The geography of the tundra, whether in the Arctic, Alpine or Antarctic regions, is best enjoyed on foot. Sometimes hiking trails extend across countries and cross vast expanses of wilderness terrain. Hiking, backpacking and climbing activities are popular, and enthusiasts are sure to find a rich and varied landscape, such as thickets, numerous rivers and uplands. Carry a compass, strong tent, warm clothes and a sleeping bag when hiking in areas without walking or hiking trails. Use the trails wherever available for personal safety and to avoid damaging the fragile lichen and wild flowers.

Wildlife observation is another popular activity in the tundra. The open landscape is conducive to unobstructed views of animals with the help of binoculars. Move slowly and quietly to avoid disturbing the animals, and do not feed them, as they are wild animals. The tundra is home to caribou, grizzly bears, gray wolves, the arctic hare, mountain goats and sometimes polar bears. Bird life in the tundra includes the snowy owl, rock ptarmigans, golden eagles and ravens.

One of the best ways to enjoy the views and wildlife is by boat. Although travelling by canoe and kayak is possible, simply floating placidly down one of the numerous rivers through the rich diversity of flora and fauna is sure to be an unforgettable recreational experience while in the tundra.