How Do You Read a Podiatrist Foot Diagram?


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Read a podiatrist foot diagram by finding the location on the foot that corresponds to the location of the pain or issue on your own foot. In interactive foot diagrams, click on the location of your pain to discover possible causes.

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SanLuisPodiatryGroup.com offers several interactive foot diagrams, each of which deals with a different section of the foot. The selection of diagrams includes the top of the foot, the bottom of the foot, the heel, and both sides. Each diagram includes links to information about disorders pertaining to specific locations on the foot. Click a location on the foot to view possible conditions. For example, clicking the big toenail calls up articles about ingrown toenails and onychomycosis.

PAFootDoctors.com offers several pictographic diagrams of the foot to help patients narrow down possible causes of foot pain or problems. Start by selecting a diagram for the top of the foot, bottom of the foot, inside of the ankle or outside of the ankle. Each separate diagram includes a list of conditions that may cause pain in that area. Click on the location of the pain or other issue on the diagram, or select a type of foot problem from the list of links below the diagram.

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