How Do You Read an Ounce Conversion Chart?

To read an ounce conversion chart, find the number of ounces you wish to convert in the left hand column and find the corresponding unit of measurement in the next column of the same row. Some ounce conversion charts display more than one different unit of measurement. offers a number of conversion charts that display ounces in relation to units of measure such as grams, pounds and carats. Clicking on one of the conversion options directs the user to a chart displaying the ounce values next to the value in the chosen unit of measurement. These charts also allow the user to view larger or smaller values, change the increments and show the conversion in decimals or fractions.’s kitchen measurement conversion chart shows both liquid and dry measurements. Each chart displays ounces. The liquid measurement chart displays converted amounts in cups, tablespoons, milliliters, quarts and gallons. The dry measurement chart displays converted amounts in pounds, grams and kilograms.

To use’s fluid ounce conversion chart, type the desired number of ounces into the value field and then click the Convert Me button. The website displays converted amounts for the ounce value in over 40 different units of measure, including metric measurements, old Spanish and old French units, and biblical units of liquid measure.