How Do You Read a Natural Gas Conversion Table?


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To read a natural gas conversion table, a knowledge of natural gas unit definitions is required. Natural gas conversion tables are tools that enable the quick conversion of natural gas units such as cubic feet and British thermal units between each other.

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Natural gas conversion tables are often configured into columns and rows of various natural gas unit abbreviations such as Ccf and Btu and their corresponding numerical values. The U.S. Energy Information Administration provides information about the terminology used in natural gas conversion tables on its website. Cubic feet is a unit of measurement commonly used with natural gas and thus appears on many natural gas conversion tables in units such as Ccf and Mcf, which indicate 100 cubic feet and 1,000 cubic feet, respectively.

The British thermal unit is another unit often used with natural gas and corresponds to the heat needed to raise the temperature of a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. A therm is equal to 100,000 Btu, while a MMBtu is equal to 1 million Btu. Numerical abbreviations used in natural gas conversion tables include terms such as M, which equals 1,000 and MM, which equals 1 million. When a consumer knows the price of natural gas, a natural gas conversion table can be used to convert prices from one unit to another.

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