How Do You Read a Muscle Diagram of the Human Body?

To read a muscle diagram of the human body, find the name of a muscle, then find that muscle's location in the body by following the corresponding arrow or line. Detailed muscle diagrams tend to focus on the muscles in a specific region of the body.

The muscle diagram on shows the entire human body with a number of specific muscles marked by green dots. The two-dimensional interactive map is divided into a number of muscle areas for closer examination. Areas include the head and neck, chest and upper back, leg and foot, and arm and hand. Click a muscle area to view a close-up map as well as the names of all the muscles in the region. Click the name of a muscle to see it highlighted in green on the diagram, as well as to read a short explanation of the muscle's appearance and function. offers a selection of static muscle diagrams. Each of these diagrams is devoted to a specific muscle group in the human body. Each muscle is pictured with a line leading to its medical name. To read these diagrams, find the name of a muscle, and follow the line to see what the muscle looks like, or find a specific muscle on the diagram, and follow the line to learn its name.