How Do You Read a Birth-Month Color Chart?


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To read a birth-month color chart, read the outside edge of the chart to find your birth month, and then match it with the corresponding color on the wheel. Each color and birth month combination is associated with certain keywords and characteristics, such as creativity with the birth months for amethyst, courage for the birth months of red and growth for the birth months of green.

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Birth-month wheel charts are typically read counterclockwise. The associations of the color wheel follow the passage of seasons and the colors associated with those seasons, such as green for spring. The characteristics of each color are meant to denote your personal qualities and what you bring to the lives of those around you.

In addition to birth month colors, birth months are associated with zodiac signs and birth gemstones, which may correspond with their birth-month colors. Like birth-month colors, birth-month gemstones are symbolic and represent different traits of the individual. The garnet birthstone is associated with the month of January, and it represents friendship, vitality, love, intense feelings and devotion. Many modern New Age belief systems focus on traits and qualities associated with birth months, such as birth colors, birth gemstones and the Greek zodiac.

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