What Are the Reactants of the Krebs Cycle?

The reactants of the Krebs cycle include acetyl CoA, NAD, FAD, ADP and HPO4-2. The net equation for the cycle is acetyl coA + 3 NAD + ADP + FAD + HPO4-2 €”> CoA + 2CO2 + 3 NADH+ + FADH+ + ATP.

The Krebs cycle, also known as the citric acid cycle, is the second stage of cellular respiration, and it follows glycolysis. The cycle involves four different reactions: hydration/dehydration, condensation, substrate level phosphorylation and redox. The Krebs cycle takes two turns to complete, one for each pyruvic acid produced in glycolysis. At the end of the cycle, the energy from the original glucose molecule broken down during glycolysis is stored in 16 energy-carrying molecules.