What Is the Purpose of the Pantone CMYK Color Guide?


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The Pantone CMYK Color Guide provides graphic artists, printers and other manufacturers with a chromatic arrangement of color options for them to visualize, select and utilize in their designs, products, and four-color printing processes. This guide is known as a color communication system.

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The color guide presents the graphic designer with color options that are easy to communicate and reproduce or match to existing works such as customer logos, letterheads, advertising and other graphic designs. The guide presents these color options in a way that enables the artist to hone in on the precise color needed so he can communicate that information to the printer. It provides tint percentages so the printer can accurately reproduce the color, ensuring that the finished product is an exact match to the customer’s specifications. These guides are also used by clothing designers and manufacturers of textiles, leathers and plastics. A designer can visualize a particular color and communicate it to the textile manufacturer, which can apply the right combination of dyes to achieve the desired look. This is important for a designer who wants to cater to a current color trend but maintain a unique aesthetic or a company with an established line that needs to maintain a consistent color.

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