What Is the Purpose of a Barometric Pressure Sensor?

A barometric pressure sensor measures pressure differences in the atmosphere. In automotive applications, this reading is used by the powertrain control module to regulate engine timing and fuel trim.

Most barometric pressure sensors that can operate independently are usually placed on top of the firewall or the fender skirt's interior. Some devices are installed along with the manifold absolute pressure sensor or mounted on the intake manifold of the fuel system.

One variation in barometric pressure sensors is the range of pressure levels these instruments can measure. The CS100 barometric pressure sensor manufactured by Setra detects fluctuations in atmospheric pressure between 600 to 1,100 millibars, while Vaisala's CS106 pressure sensor gauges pressure differences from 500 to 1,100 millibars. Met One's 092-L barometric pressure sensor is used in conjunction with the WMS100 for power performance readings of wind turbines in agricultural settings.