What Are Some Puns That Involve the Periodic Table?

One periodic table pun is, "What does a person say after a fatal injury?" The answer is, "Iodine," demonstrating how the name of element sounds similar to "I am dyin.'" Another pun involving an element on the periodic table is, "When people get sick, the doctor will helium."

The subject of chemistry introduces many new vocabulary terms and concepts, and there are many jokes that only people who are familiar with the language of chemistry can understand. A popular joke is, "You should never trust atoms. They literally make up everything." This joke is in reference to the fact that almost every physical thing in the universe is composed of atoms.

Another humorous chemistry joke is, "I crack awful chemistry jokes because all of the good jokes already argon." This joke is funny to chemists because the name of the element "argon" sounds just like "are gone." Argon is one of the noble gases on the periodic table of the elements. It has commercial uses in making fluorescent lighting and welding equipment. As an inert gas, argon does not readily participate in chemical reactions with other elements and compounds, and its name, which originates from the Greek term for "lazy," is in reference to this lack of reactive behavior.