How Do You Know If You Have Pulled a Muscle?

A person knows that he has a pulled muscle by the symptoms produced by this injury, which are pain in the affected area, inflammation, muscle weakness, bruising and muscle tightness. Although these are signs of a muscle pull or strain, there are grades associated with this injury.

The severity of a muscle pull can range from grade I to grade III. Grades I and II cause some pain and discomfort. However, grade III refers to a complete muscle rupture. In this case, a person may hear a snapping or popping sound when the injury occurs.

The treatment for a muscle pull can depend on its severity. For a minor muscle injury, it is useful to apply ice to the area, rest the muscle, take a pain medication and keep the injured muscle elevated. If there is no relief within 24 hours or if the injury involved a snapping sound, then the injured person should see a doctor for further treatment options.