How Do You Protect an Egg From a Fall?

How Do You Protect an Egg From a Fall?

There are a couple of ways to protect an egg from a fall. For this method, you need an egg, five small ziplock bags, one large ziplock bag and a box or two of Rice Krispies cereal.

  1. Put the egg in a small ziplock bag

    Place the egg and some of the cereal in the center of the plastic bag. Make sure to use a lot of cereal to provide more padding for the egg. Also, stuff the four other small ziplock bags with cereal.

  2. Place everything inside the large baggie

    Place all five small bags inside the large bag. Make sure the bag that contains the egg is toward the middle of the big bag. The cereal provide a lot of extra padding and keeps the egg from breaking on impact.

  3. Let it fall

    Drop the egg from a countertop or from a one-story roof if you feel comfortable. The egg should not break if the instructions were followed. If the egg does break, remember that the small baggie that contains the egg must be in the center of the big bag in order to receive the most protection. In addition, make sure that the egg is completely surrounded by cereal.