What Are the Pros and Cons of Rainforest Destruction?

The pros of rainforest destruction or deforestation are that it gives areas the room to expand communities and build highways and buildings.The trees that are cut down are used as lumber and other wood products. The cons are that it hurts wildlife, increases carbon dioxide and can cause flooding.

On the positive side of deforestation, cutting down trees can help stimulate the local economy. If there is no need for new roadways or buildings, the cleared area can be used for agricultural purposes. Deforestation allows more room for new trees and plants to grow.

When trees are cut down, the lumber is used to make wood products. Deforestation thus plays a role in creating sources of revenue for governments and stimulates the economy in developing countries.

Among the cons of rainforest deforestation is the increase in carbon dioxide caused by the removal of trees, something that can be harmful to the environment. When deforestation occurs, wild animals are forced to live in areas that are not suitable for them and wildlife populations often decrease drastically.

Flooding is a big concern as a result of deforestation, because trees and plants play a key role in helping the absorption of excess groundwater. When they are removed, the land can become oversaturated with water during rains.