What Are the Pros and Cons of Gasoline?

pros-cons-gasoline Credit: William Andrew/Moment/Getty Images

A pro of gasoline is that it is readily available throughout the developed world, but a con is that it can cause environmental harm. It is the most popular fuel for small automobiles, and the transportation sector depends on it. It can also be created with plant matter.

Gasoline and diesel have long been the top choices for transportation. While diesel is often used for commercial use, gasoline is preferred in much of the world for personal automobiles. As a result, there is a significant amount of infrastructure in place to support gasoline distribution, and its relatively low price is partially due to this.

In the past, gasoline engines would release a significant amount of pollutants when they burned gasoline. Over the years, a number of techniques for reducing the particulate matter and greenhouse gases release by burning gasoline have been developed. However, the carbon dioxide created is still released even with modern engines, and there are no easy ways to filter it.

A number of researcher institutes and companies are exploring means of generating gasoline from plant matter. As oil reserves dwindle, the price of gasoline rises, and alternatives are needed. So far, however, the costs have been too great. Oil sands and oil trapped in shale, however, have enough energy to power vehicles for hundreds of years or longer.