How Do You Propagate a Rubber Tree Plant?

There are several methods of propagating a rubber tree plant, with air layering being the preferred method. To propagate by air layering, a section of the stem is cut, treated with rooting hormone and wrapped with moss. Rooting takes two to three weeks.

  1. Select and cut the stem

    Select a strong, healthy stem that is at least 12 inches long. After removing any leaves above and below the rooting area, cut the stem with a sharp knife. Remove a 1-inch wide strip of soft tissue all the way around the stem. Do not cut through the hard center wood.

  2. Dust and wrap the cut

    Dust the cut with rooting hormone. Tuck dampened spaghnum moss around the cut. Wrap the moss with plastic and secure it to the plant with ties. Cover the moss completely to keep it damp. Keep watering as needed.

  3. Remove and pot the rooted section

    Check underneath the moss and black plastic every 7 to 10 days. After roots have developed at the ring, cut off the rooted section just below the root ball. Place the new plant in a pot with enough room for the roots to spread out. Water the plant as needed to firmly establish the new growth. Place in a brightly lit area.