What Are Some Products That Contain Bisphenol A?


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Bisphenol A, or BPA for short, may be present in canned foods sealed with a BPA sealant, hard clear plastic bottles or containers, plastic wrap and bags, baby bottles and components, and plastic dinnerware and plates. Other items that may contain BPA include non-stick cookware, plastic cleaning products, toilet and tissue paper, and thermal paper such as cash register receipts. Baby bottles and sippy cups manufactured before July 2011 and water bottles made before July 2012 may contain BPA.

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As of 2015, fewer products containing BPA are on the market than there were in 2010 because of stricter government regulations and research. To reduce exposure to BOA, replace all plastic bottles and containers that were bought before 2011 or use glass containers instead. Use polycarbonate plastic for cold food storage or for non-food items. When heating foods, use glass or ceramic containers, since heat can leach BPA into food. BPA can also be released when plastic is broken or scratched. Bags made of natural fibers should be used to replace plastic bags. Gloves and hand washing can reduce exposure to BPA contained in cash register receipts. Plastic containers with a 7 in the recycling symbol may contain BPA and should be discarded.

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