What Products Contain Ammonia?

Fertilizer is one of the main products used globally that is made of manufactured ammonia. When mixed with soil, it increases crop yields, especially for crops such as wheat and maize.

Ammonia is also used to make textiles, synthetic fibers, pesiticides, smelling salts, cleaning products, explosives, rocket fuel and fuel cells. It is also used in some foods and beverages, such as macaroni, skimmed milk powder and gluten products. It is used as an antimicrobial agent for food products such as beef. Anydrous ammonia is used commercially to reduce or destroy microbial contamination of beef. It is also used to control fungal growth in oranges and lemons during warehousing.

Ammonia is used to make chemical compounds such as nictric acid, cyanide, ammonia nitrate, alprazolam, ammonia bicarobonate and ethyl carbamat.

Various industries use ammonia for various purposes. For example, the rubber industry uses ammonia to stabilize raw latex, and the petroleum industry uses ammonia to protect equipment. It is also used in metal treating and chlorine water treatment.

Ammonia is used a refrigerant, because of its vaporization properties. It is also used in industrial facilities, such as food processing facilities, meat, poultry and fishing processing facilities, juice and soft drink processing facilities, wineries and beverage producing facilities, cold storage warehouses and dairy and ice cream plants. It is also used in hockey rinks because of its high energy efficiency and affordability.