What Is the Product of Sn and HCl?


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The product of Sn and HCl is either SnCl2 or SnCl4. Sn is the chemical symbol for tin, H is the chemical symbol for hydrogen and Cl is the chemical symbol for chlorine, notes the chemical-portal site at Webqc.com.

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SnCl2 is the chemical formula for tin(II) chloride, and SnCl4 is the chemical symbol for tin(IV) chloride. The resulting product depends on the charge on the tin from the left side of the equation. The balanced equation for each reaction is written as Sn + 4 HCl = 2 H2 + SnCl4 for tin(IV) chloride and as Sn + 2 HCl = H2 + SnCl2 for tin(II) chloride.

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