What Producers Are in Coniferous Forest?

Producers in the coniferous forests include such trees as the Caucasian fir, the Colorado spruce, the black pine, the European larch and the Canadian hemlock. Other producers in coniferous forests include snowberry, serviceberry and potentilla.

The Caucasian fir is native to Armenia, Turkey and the northwest area of the Caucasus. It's a tree that usually grows to around 197 feet tall and 6.5 feet wide, with a pyramidal habit.

Often used as a Christmas or a garden tree, the Colorado spruce or blue spruce is a long-lived tree that is native to the western and Rocky Mountain areas of the United States. Male and female flowers are found on different trees.

The black pine is native to Europe. It's a fast growing tree that grows about a foot a year when young and can reach heights of nearly 60 feet by the time it's 45 years old.

The European larch is one of the few coniferous trees that lose its needles in the fall. The Canadian hemlock is another fast-growing conifer that's native to the eastern part of North America, preferring soil that's moist and acidic.

The snowberry, serviceberry and potentilla are some of the few plants with showy flowers to be found in the coniferous forests, whose soils are often poor.