What Problems Are Common With Toro Snow Blowers?

Some common problems with Toro snow blowers include unresponsive engines, the engine running but not moving and spark plug failures. Some of these problems occur as a result of human error, while others are caused by mechanical failures.

The problem of a running engine that does not move is usually caused by loose belts for the drive and auger. The Toro snow blower comes with a spring setup that holds the running belt tight into place. However, due to friction or impact caused by the movements of various parts of the snow blower, the spring setup occasionally loses its grip on the belt.

If the snow blower completely fails to start, check whether it has enough fuel. Some Toro snow blowers fail to start if there is not enough fuel or if the available fuel is not compatible with their engines. Problems with the supply line of the fuel also make the engine unresponsive when started.

To prevent fuel-related problems, check the fuel line for leaks to ensure that the fuel reaches the spark plug. The spark plug of a Toro snow blower is declared faulty when it gets into contact with fuel but still fails to ignite it. In this case, the spark plug needs to be replaced.