How do you price snow removal?


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Snow removal is priced per push, by the hour and by seasonal contract. The average price of snow removal varies widely from one area to another.

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How do you price snow removal?
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A per-push rate is charged according to the number of trips made to the location. The factors that affect the exact rate include the duration of the job and the equipment used. Additional charges may be included for salting and other services. The main advantage of this type of pricing is the client knows exactly how much they are expected to pay before the job begins.

Hourly pricing is charged by the hour for snow removal, and is a simple way of billing clients. The hourly charge depends on the equipment used, such as a charge for manual shoveling and a different hourly charge when using a snow plow. The price should be set with the local rates in mind. The main advantage of an hourly rate is the service provider is paid fairly for his work, especially if it takes a longer time than anticipated.

Seasonal contract pricing is a flat rate regardless of how much it snows. The rate is usually set by multiplying the per-push rate with the average number of snowfalls in a season. The advantage of this kind of pricing is that the customer can budget for the service in advance. The service provider also benefits from a stable income.

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