What Is the Price to Buy a Star in Our Solar System?

As of September 2015, the cost of buying a star ranges from approximately $20 to over $150, depending on which company sells the star and which package is purchased. For example, NameAStarLive.com sells downloadable star registrations and launch certificates for $19.95 and digital photo frame gift sets for $149.95.

Instant certificates are $19.95 on NameAStar.com, and the company's deluxe kids printed package is $99.95. Star packages on Star-Registration.com range from $29.90 for the standard package to $59.90 for the binary star package. StarRegistry.com packages range from $54.00 for the custom package to $154.95 for the ultimate package. Online Star Register allows individuals to name and buy a star for $54.00 at OSR.org. The Online Star Gift package includes an eCertificate and is $33.00.