How Do You Prevent Water Pollution?

prevent-water-pollution Credit: Francisco Anzola/CC-BY-2.0

There are several ways to prevent water pollution, including not over-watering lawns, using natural household products and correctly disposing of hazardous materials. Water pollution is also prevented by properly recycling trash.

Making smart lawn choices is a vital part of preventing water pollution. For example, using natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers helps to retain soil moisture and to reduce chemical runoff. Bone meal, rotted manure and compost are natural alternatives.

Using porous materials such as gravel or mulch in landscaping is another way to prevent water pollution. Hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt encourage runoff, which negatively impacts water. Porous materials allow runoff and excess water to soak into the ground.

Properly recycling motor oil is another way to reduce water pollution. Instead of pouring used motor oil on the ground, recycle it at a local automotive shop or recycling facility. Disposing properly of hazardous household products such as paints and household chemicals also minimizes water pollution.

Using a car wash to wash vehicles can also help reduce water pollution. Professional car washes often recycle used water instead of simply wasting it. Typically, professional car washes drain water directly into the sewer system, which reduces the amount of contaminants that seep into the ground.