What Pressure Points Relieve Pain on the Human Body?


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Numerous pressure points relieve pain on the human body, including those located in the head, ankle and foot, according to DrOz.com. The palm of the hand also contains several pain relieving pressure points.

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At the center of the V that forms between the thumb and ring finger lies a pressure point that alleviates cold and flu pains, menstrual disorders and headaches, claims the Dr. Oz website. By gently pressing this point with the opposite thumb, individuals may also gain relief from ulcers and eczema.

A pressure point between the eyes also potentially helps with the discomfort of headaches, notes Chronic Body Pain. By gently stroking the area where the brown bone meets the nasal bone, individuals can gain relief from eye strains.

On the shoulder muscle, at the midpoint between the muscle and the base of the neck, lies a pressure point that may reduce pain in the neck, as well as the shoulders. Another pain relieving point sits on the side of the neck within the indention behind the ear, according to Modern Reflexology. Individuals can also focus on the nape of the neck, where it meets with the spine. Stimulation of this point may reduce neck pain, help soothe chronic coughing and ease arthritis discomfort.

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