How Do You Find Pressure Points on the Ear?

Pressure points on the ear can be found through the use of reference charts and the use of massage and acupressure. These pressure points can be used to relieve earaches, ear infections, and tinnitus.

There are four points of pressure directly located on the ear that are especially effective in treating problems associated with the ear, according to Modern Reflexology. The ear gate is located at the top of the ear in front of the earlobe. Below the ear gate is the listening palace point, which is in front of the ear's opening. Below the listening palace and in front of the earlobe is the reunion of hearing point. Behind the earlobe and in the indention is the wind screen point. Treatments for earaches and hearing problems typically involve these pressure points. This can have a positive affect on the other parts of the head as well, such as the jaw, forehead, and teeth.

Massage is the best way to find these points and use them to treat conditions associated with them. According to Underground Health Reporter, you can self-administer an ear massage in private. You should place yourself in a comfortable position, either laying down or sitting in a chair. The massage should incorporate gentle pressing of the earlobes, the folds of the outer ear, and the centre of the ear outside of the ear canal. Afterwards, cup the ear with your hand to relax the ears and massage the scalp.