How Do You Prepare for a Tornado?

How Do You Prepare for a Tornado?

To prepare for a tornado, take cover in the lowest place in your house when there is a tornado warning. Protect yourself from flying debris, and stay away from windows.

  1. Prepare before a tornado warning

    Make a supply box including a battery-operated weather radio, candles, flashlights, blankets, water and batteries to keep in your tornado shelter area. Practice tornado drills before severe weather. During severe weather, get updates from television and radio to find out if a tornado is about to happen. If you live in an area where tornadoes are common, make sure your home insurance covers tornado damage.

  2. Take shelter during a tornado watch

    During a tornado watch, take cover in the lowest place in your house. Basements are best, but if you don't have a basement, hide in an interior doorway or room away from windows or other glass, such as aquariums or mirrors. Stay inside, unless you are in a mobile home. If you live in a mobile home, seek shelter elsewhere. If you are in a car, pull over, and get in a ditch if possible. Do not try to outrun a tornado.

  3. Protect yourself from flying debris

    Cover your head to protect it from flying debris during a tornado. Use a mattress or a sturdy piece of furniture to cover your head and body.