What Is the Most Powerful Animal in the World?

The most powerful animal in the world is the copepod. Though it is barely 1 mm in length, its strength in relation to its size is more than 10 to 30 times greater than that of any other species and is stronger than any mechanical motor.

The copepod is the most copious multicellular animal on the planet and is also the fastest. It has the ability to jump at a rate of approximately half a meter per second. When the animal identifies a predator, a signal is instantly transmitted to the legs and a set of antennae which causes it to jump very forcefully, irrespective of its size. Although the copepod is blind and tiny, it manages to escape successfully from its hunters. This is possible because of the two propulsion mechanisms present in the copepod.

Other creatures have only one mechanism for movement, but a copepod possesses two systems of propulsion, as well as a fast processing nervous system. The structure of muscles in both the mechanisms of propulsion is almost identical and helps the copepod to jump with incredible power in short bursts. It has vibrant feeding limbs which enable it to move or swim continuously. Apart from this, there are four to five pairs of legs in the copepod that assist in jumping and swimming, but are not used much otherwise. Moreover, the hydro-dynamic shape of the copepod also aids in generating awesome speed while jumping.