What Is Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate?


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According to PubChem, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, also known as monopotassium phosphate, is the potassium salt of the dihydrogen phosphate ion H2PO4?, which is produced by phosphoric acid. Its molecular formula is H2KO4P, and its molecular weight is 136.0855.

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Potassium dihydrogen phosphate is produced from the chemical reaction of phosphoric acid with potassium carbonate. It has a range of industrial uses. It's used as a food additive, a fungicide and also as a fertilizer. It is also classified as a hazardous substance, as it produces toxic gases in fires and causes redness and pain when it comes into contact with the skin and eyes. The substance also causes abdominal pain and digestive problems when ingested.

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