How Is It Possible to Grow Plants in Darkness?


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One can grow plants in the dark because the dominant type of chlorophyll in plants only needs the purple wavelength of light to function. Therefore, using red and blue light, one can create purple light that the plants can use to survive as suggested by Nextnature.net.

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Plants require light to survive. Light is an essential raw material in photosynthesis that is the process through which chlorophyll in plants converts carbon dioxide and water into food. Plants require water, heat and light to thrive, according to Education.com. A deficiency in any of these three key components will result in the death of the plant.

Light, however, contains all color wavelengths and the dominant type of chlorophyll in plants only requires the purple light to function, says Nextnature.net. It means that in natural systems, most of the light energy goes to waste save for the purple wavelength. Red and blue lights can be combined to create purple light.

The special purple light boosts photosynthesis by up to 15 percent according to Nextnature.net. It is, therefore, possible to grow plants in an enclosed environment in the dark. Using purple light, one can take advantage of the quirk found in chlorophyll and maintain a farm without the need of regular sunlight.

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