What Is the Porosity of Giallo Fiorito Granite?


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Giallo Fiorito granite is a natural granite product with a porosity of 10.00MPa, a density of 2.63 g/cm cubed and a water absorption rate of 0.26. Granite has different porosity levels, with lighter colors being more porous. A quality sealer is usually recommended for granite surfaces to prevent possible staining.

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Granite porosity can be tested by means of a water test. If a water-soaked paper towel placed on the granite for approximately 5 minutes leaves a discoloration on the granite, then a sealer should be used.

Doing a 10-minute test with a small amount of paint thinner can determine if the granite can stain from oils used for cooking. Look for darkened stone when the thinner is wiped away to determine if a sealer is needed.

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