What Are Some Popular Theories About the End of the World?


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Popular theories about the end of the world include the apocalyptic rapture described in the Bible and the scientific theory of the Sun collapsing upon itself. In around 5 billion years, scientists predict the Sun's eruption in a giant burst of energy, causing it to collapse upon itself and explode.

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Scientists anticipate the explosion to occur in a series of pulses that sends the Sun's mass outward in the form of a gassy nebula. The Earth, along with the other planets in the solar system, are likely to shatter in the blast and send debris into the universe.

The Bible foretells of a period of destruction, suffering, famine and pestilence accompanying the second coming of Christ and the final judgment in which God accepts the good into heaven and condemns the evil to eternity in hell. Years of war, catastrophic earthquakes, oceans of blood and every horror imaginable, including Satan's expulsion from heaven and subsequent landing on Earth to subject humanity to even more misery, purportedly precede the second coming. Although the timing of this event is a continual source of disagreement, theorists who believe in the biblical "end of days" insist that events leading up to the second coming are at hand, as of 2015.

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