What Is the Most Popular Space Food?

popular-space-food Credit: Space Frontiers/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Space travel, like any other road trip, requires having the right snacks. And when you're an astronaut hovering above your home planet, it's nice to have a few comfort foods that remind you of Earth. That's probably why the most popular space food is M&Ms.

A survey by NASA revealed that M&Ms, or simply candy-coated chocolate, as NASA doesn't endorse specific brands, ranked highest in popularity of all the space foods available to astronauts. M&Ms have been enjoyed on 130 space missions.

Food sticks came in last place on the survey. Developed by Pillsbury food scientists, food sticks were similar to today's energy bars and replaced gelatin-covered cubes on space missions beginning in the early 1970s. Applesauce fared only slightly better in the survey, though that's what fueled John Glenn on his orbit of Earth.

Other well-known items in the survey included the powdered orange drink mix known as Tang (no. 3) and astronaut ice cream (no. 6).